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TDS adjudication digest August 2011 - 02/09/2011

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TDS adjudication highlights the issue of tenants redecorating during their tenancy

TDS adjudication highlights the issue of tenants redecorating during their tenancy.

The TDS adjudication digest August 2011 highlights a dispute between landlord and tenant regarding redecoration work carried out on a rental property, by a tenant during his/her tenancy.

The landlord claimed over £1000 as a contribution towards redecorating several rooms that the tenant had painted during the tenancy.  A quotation was provided. 

The tenant claimed he/she had obtained permission to redecorate but was unable to produce evidence of this.  He/she also argued that their work improved the property.   In reality the tenant had radically changed the colour of the décor from magnolia to some vivid colours (blues and reds) and the quality of the re painting was not good with adjoining surfaces paint marked as a result.

The adjudicator found in favour of the landlord.  In determining the award the condition of decoration at Check in, the length of tenancy and the extent of work required were all taken into consideration.  The landlord was awarded £850, the whole of the available deposit.

The issue of tenant redecoration is quite common and the standard of work is often poor.  Even with permission, the tenant must expect to complete any work competently.  Any agreement to redecorate must be in writing and should include further agreements with regards to colour and level of finish.

The adjudication stresses the importance of documenting the condition of a property at Check in and Check out.  It also comments on the usefulness of photos used to support the landlord's claim.

LiveOak continue to provide best in class written Check in inventories and Check out reports with relevant and clear supporting photos.

A full copy of the adjudication can be found here.


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