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Disputes between landords and tenants soaring - 17/12/2008

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An article in the Daily Telegraph reports disputes are soaring

"Disputes between landlord and tenants are soaring" - Daily Telegraph Saturday 29 November 2008

An article in the Daily Telegraph Property Club section on Saturday 29 November 2008 reports:

Disputes between landlords and tenants are soaring according to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS), one of the three government approved schemes set up to protect deposits.

Since April 2007, all landlords who take a deposit on a new assured shorthold tenancy have to join one of the schemes within 14 days.  If they fail to, they could end up paying three times the deposit back to the tenant, and may lose the right to evict them.

TDS ........ received 577 complaints during the first year.  But since April 2008 disputes have risen sharply.  The volume of disagreements has reached 750 a month and climbing.

The Dispute Service annual report 2007-2008 reports under "Matters of concern" that "inventories are often absent or insuffciently thorough, particularly in relation to gardens and state of cleanliness".  Furthermore it states "the quality of evidence presented to substantiate a landlord's claim often falls short of what is required".

Professional inventory solutions by LiveOak help enormously to enable tenancies to run smoothly, avoid misunderstandings and minimise disputes.  Our written and photographic inventories provide a clear and indisputable record of a property and its contents for the life of a tenancy.

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