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A Day in the Life of a Inventory Clerk

It is 8:10am and I log onto Live Oak's online web calendar from home. I am essentially home-based and only rarely go to the office. I re-confirm last night's booked appointments and check nothing has been rescheduled. All jobs are logged onto the calendar along with the relevant documentation.

“4 jobs today, 1 in Chelsea, 2 in Covent Garden and 1 in Dulwich”

Appointments are controlled centrally by the office. The majority are “anytime”.  Any specifically timed appointments are agreed with clients to ensure that I can complete a job and get to the next without having to rush. I am not normally expected to complete more than 4 jobs during a day unless proper control of the diary will allow more. I realise of course that appointments can be changed, cancelled or booked by clients at the last minute so I need to remain flexible.

“It is always changing and no two days are ever the same”

My first appointment is a 9am Check in in Chelsea

I buzz through the traffic easily on my scooter making the trip in plenty of time to park up, collect keys from the agent before arriving at the flat for 8.55am. I start the appointment on time, checking through the existing inventory, updating and amending it to ensure that it now accurately reflects the condition of the property and its contents. As with all check ins, I take comprehensive photographs of the property, room by room. These are provided for us when we do the Check out at the end of the tenancy and can prove invaluable in providing clarity.

“Attention to detail and accuracy is essential as this inventory will be the only record of the property's contents and condition”

The tenant arrives about 15 minutes in, collects his keys but decides to leave me to conclude the Check in without him whilst he goes back to work. Check ins on one bedroom flats typically last about 1-1½ hours. As with all jobs, I complete the check in by reading the gas and electric meters. I then go straight back to the agent to return the management keys.

“One of the benefits is that I'm always out and about and not desk bound in an office”

On to my second appointment in Covent Garden at 11:30am. It is a Check out on a furnished 2 bedroom flat


I get to Covent Garden in plenty of time to grab a coffee before attending the appointment.  I meet the tenant who will be giving me access. The tenant remains at the flat whilst I go through the inventory. I note thoroughly any relevant changes to the property and its contents which have occurred during the tenancy. I take several photos with my digital camera of some leak damage from the flat above.

“The job allows you to work independently and use your own initiative”

At the end of the Check out, I run through my notes with the tenant, read the meters and collect all her keys before she leaves. I secure the property and return the keys to the agent. As the agent manages the flat I give them a quick verbal report on the findings of the Check out – I know from the web calendar that I will be doing a Check in here the day after tomorrow and that they will need to sort out the leak damage and clean the flat before then.

My 3rd appointment (also in Covent Garden) is an anytime Inventory make and check in on a furnished 1 bedroom flat


I am not meeting anyone here so I wander over and start my job – it is now just after 1.20pm. Here I dictate the inventory into my Dictaphone, describing the property and its contents in exact detail. Again this takes about an hour. Once completed I return the keys to the agent.

“It is fast paced and exciting. There is never a dull moment”

For my last appointment it is back on the scooter and off to Dulwich Village


This is an anytime Check out – the tenants having left the previous day. I complete this job and return the keys by about 5.15pm.

“It is challenging but rewarding. You feel a sense of satisfaction at the end of each day”

I am now free to go home. On my return I upload the documents, voice file and photos to the office – all the typing and report distribution is done centrally by the office on my behalf. I also receive my appointment confirmations by email and download my documentation for tomorrow.

A Career with a Difference 
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